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January 04, 2012


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Jon Sparks

And what is the point of 36 megapixels anyway? I notice that the D4 'only' has 16.

36MP on an FX sensor – there's got to be a downside to that.

Seb Rogers

Hi Jon,

The point? I suspect it's selling cameras :)

Paradoxically, if the D800 does have that many pixels I reckon it'll keep demand (and prices) for used D700s high.

I can see the point of 16-18mp, though - A3 will need little or no interpolation at 300dpi. But still. It's a very small hop up from the 12 we've already got.

Will Philip

I remembered my Nikon D40 camera while reading your post. It's been a long time since I went out with friends for a photo trip. DSLR's are must-haves nowadays, but the price can always make you think twice. Great thing today there are credit cards to help us with payment. I missed photo trips!

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