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September 21, 2011


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Yeah isn't it frustrating that camera manufacturers don't design their products with mountain bike photographers in mind? ;-)
Sony's new NEX-7 looks very good too, shame about the 1/160 flash sync.

Seb Rogers

Right on. Where's MY perfect camera, Nikon? ;P

Seriously, though. It's not just mountain bike photographers who benefit from (say) a really good EVF or fast flash sync speeds. Slower is usually cheaper to produce, so if there's a spec limitation that's speed-related you can bet the trade-off is a price / target market thing.

I'm a great believer in buying the best you can afford, because all those features you didn't think you need will (probably) one day come in handy. So yes, I want a fast refresh rate on the EVF and the best possible flash sync speed. Any camera that can't sync at 1/250 is out of the running.

Nikon figured out how to sync at that speed back in the 1980s, ahead of any other manufacturer. Shutter-wise things really haven't changed very much in the 30 years since...

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