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June 07, 2011


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I'm not sure if the old 3Mpx camera would come up with better picture quality than a decent modern 10Mpx camera. It's not all about the pixels but also about the sensor design and other stuff. I'm quite happy with 10Mpx compact though my Canon G10 with 14Mpx was nice too...

I'm not worried about compacts turning into pocket calculators. But I'm more worried that the future cameras will have only a shutter button or maybe they'll loose even that one? The new trend seems to be touch screen controls. And the viewfinder is also lost on the process! And I'd like to have both: Decent control knobs (be it buttons or dials) and even a crappy viewfinder as it makes all the difference if you can't see the screen because of sun or are using the camre in sub -20 Celsius! And no having to use the screen also saves batteries...

Ans about the delay: I couldn't agree more. We need some improvement on that one...

Seb Rogers

True, the better 10Mp cameras are noticeably better than my old 3Mp Olympus. But the 12Mp and 14Mp ones most definitely aren't ;P

Good point about viewfinders, too. The 'praying mantis' way of holding a camera to take a shot is a relatively recent phenomenon, but in ergonomic terms it's a disaster.

Ross Burton

The S95 is a surprisingly good compact.

I've got a Pana GF1 as a more portable companion to my EOS-40D, and I've very disappointed that the GF1 has some good technical improvements (better video recording primarily) the UI isn't dials-and-buttons but buttons-and-touchscreen. :(

Seb Rogers

Touchscreens... a step down the ladder from buttons. Fine on a smartphone, but a thoroughly Bad Idea on a camera that'll be used outdoors in the real world. Can you say 'passing fad'? ;)

John Patrick

Well said on the megapixel count Seb - we were just having the very same discussion in the office here yesterday. Sadly it seems that in the main the manufacturers have just latched on to something that's easy to turn into a big number on a box rather than putting that effort into what really counts such as handling, decent lenses and low noise.

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