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June 09, 2011


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As a semi-luddite, I'm still using a Nokia 6310 - it doesn't even have a colour screen, never mind interweb access and cameras and MP3s and so on. Am tempted by the Nokia N8 though, for the same reason you give, that it would give me a walkabout camera that is (almost) always with me - but at a lower price than the iPhone.

Seb Rogers

I still have my 6310i - it's a great phone. So good that I couldn't see the point of a phone with a camera, although the first generation iPhone intrigued me. I bought the iPhone 4 for its GPS and web abilities and never imagined that I'd find any real use for the camera, but it's changed the way I think about compacts.


another vote for the 6310i, it's my utterly dependable 'sh*t has hit the fan' back up phone, but iphone4 is my most used piece of 'tech'.


no camera?!?!



seb, just imagine if you had a phone with a half decent camera! ;-)


I only have an iPhone for a camera at the moment. In isolation it's a terrible camera. You can take a good photos but if it's sunny you can't see a damn thing on the screen. There are lots of other problems. 70% of what I shoot goes in the trash and the rest often needs to go through the Camera+ app. If you have a DSLR as well it probably seems fine.

Seb Rogers

Hi Andrew, that's my point. It's not a great camera. In fact, judged just as a camera it's pretty lousy. But with a bit of care and an awareness of its limitations it's capable of decent results. Some of the time ;) Compared with a dSLR It's awful, but there are times when a useable picture is better than no picture.


A couple of suggested apps for you to try Seb:

Camera Genius: adds features missing from the normal camera app (anti-shake, timer, burst and best of all it separates the exposure point from the focus point so you gain some exposure control).

SynthCam: combines a sequence of images over a small area to (quite effectively) simulate the shallow DoF of a larger aperture lens.

Photosynth: shoot panoramic and full sphere shots. Stitches them magically on the fly by using the phones gyros to help figure out where you are pointing it.

Photoshop Express: obviously.

PhotoBuddy: not a camera app, but possibly a useful photographer's tool. Does exposure, flash, hyperfocal distance, depth of field calculations plus sunrise/sunset times.


Wow, SynthCam looks pretty impressive:

Seb Rogers

Thanks Graham. Looking into those now...


In related news, you can now mount your Nikon and Canon SLR lenses on an iPhone:

(though I have no idea why you'd want to)

Seb Rogers

Yep, I saw that. Talk about the tail wagging the dog... ;P

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