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May 09, 2011


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So I'm being particularly stupid (won't be the first time, and certainly not the last), but I can't see how a downhill photo will sell and apple.

Perhaps that's why i'm PC?? I just don't get it!!

Whatever, well done.

Seb Rogers

Hi David,
Apple's been using a fair number of adventure sports images recently, which I suspect fits well with their target demographic (or something). Anyway, it's clearly a conscious decision. Ours not to reason why...:)


Great work Seb. Very impressive.


Was wondering who's shot that was. Congrats! Great to see Apple using action sports on their site.


nice one, being the N°1 valued brand in the world before google, i hope they 've been generous ! congrat, cheers, gerald


Why do you need a model release for that shot? The model isn't recognizable, it could be anyone inside that helmet, so therefore I assumed you aren't using his likeness to make money.

Seb Rogers

At first Apple decided they didn't need a release for all those reasons. However, they changed their mind and made it clear they wouldn't be able to proceed without the release. Although you're right and technically it would've been unlikely to cause an issue, north American best practice in these cases is always to obtain a release. Blame the lawyers ;)

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