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December 13, 2010


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Nice to see no flash for a change. I know you use it well, but flash does seem to have been overdone recently with the Strobist movement. Maybe I just spend too much time on Flickr. :-)

Interesting that your "light" kit is still a sizeable collection to lug around.

Seb Rogers

The thing about remote flash is it's oddly addictive. And I've been using it since 2001 (pre mainstream digital), so it's just part of my regular routine. That's probably why I enjoyed this shoot so much - finding solutions to lighting problems without reaching for the SB800s and PWs :)

The D3's high ISO is sooooo close to allowing me to leave the flash at home more often. Maybe ;)


You say you are limited to a top flash sync speed of 1/250sec. Maybe this is a silly question but I'm just learnig here; Why wouldn't you use HSS to shot with higher speeds?

Seb Rogers

Hi Edgar,

Good question.

The max flash sync speed is the fastest speed at which the sensor is momentarily completely exposed i.e. the first shutter curtain completes its travel before the second curtain begins to move. At higher speeds the second curtain starts moving before the first curtain has come to rest, which means the entire sensor is never completely exposed at one time. The resulting moving slit works fine for ambient but doesn't play nicely with flash.

HSS works by pulsing the flash while the shutter curtains complete their traverse across the sensor, which means you can use any shutter speed. The trouble is that the pulsed output is of a much lower intensity than a single regular flash. Range is drastically reduced, to the point where HSS is basically unusable except at very close range (less than a couple of metres, in practice). That completely rules it out for me.

If you've got HSS you can try it for yourself - you'll see how much range you lose just by switching to a shutter speed 1/3 stop higher than the max sync speed.


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