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December 08, 2010


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Richard Maude

Spot on.Commissioned recently to photograph a brewery chains pubs I was asked if my camera "did video".Yes indeed it does.. " great could you do us a little 2 min film of each pub WHILST YOU'RE THERE ? " The inevitable conversation about money ended with,"sorry,we can't move on the budget".I would love to produce glossy promos with high production values but the client has to realise that comes at a price,not bundled on as an afterthought.As always, the client education saga continues...

Seb Rogers

The thing is, I'd really like the video thing to work. It adds value and, if it's done right, should at least pay for itself. But asking photographers to do it as an afterthought is a bit like asking a Hollywood film crew to grab a few stills while they're shooting a movie.

My attitude to most things in life is do it right, or don't do it at all. I don't see why video should be any different ;)


I agree with you about trying to do pics and video at the same time - it makes for a hard day and the pics suffer. There are similarities between the two mediums of course but the capture process is different. Plus, you can bet your bollocks that when you're filming one spot you miss 5 mins of beautiful light for a still elsewhere.

Photographers have to now do video, as far as I see. But, as you say, they have to convince the customer to accept and pay for it separately. Question should be asked prior to taking the job whether or not video is also a requirement. There are all kinds of problems in the convincing process but being able to do both can be a differentiator, thus improving your chances against the competition.

For budgets then these will, and, in some cases are already, changing. Companies who have been spending large advertising budgets in printed magazines will begin to shift it to web based advertising. In doing so the photogramoviemaker will interface less with the magazine editors and more with the bike companies directly. Convincing the budget controllers about the power of the free carrier of the Internet. Setting the budget upfront, instead of kind of setting it, taking the pics and then trying to sell them to as many different places afterwards. It is very likely too that a movie maker and a photographer will be working in parallel and not just one body for everything.

But then again, may be I am dreaming ;-)

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