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October 19, 2010


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"last but certainly not least, proper third party liability insurance. With the greatest of respect, how many enthusiasts can say the same?"

I can.

....yes, I know, I'll get my coat


Seb Rogers

Hi David,

I suspect you're the extremely rare exception that proves the rule :)


Dear Photographer / Cameraman

As you may have seen some excellent images were taken at last year's event.

We hope the same will happen again, it's a rare opportunity to capture night time, off road racing with large crowds..

We'd like to invite you to photograph / film the event this year, can we ask you to agree to the following:

* Make marshalls aware of your presence when taking shots from outside the spectator area
* Let..... know you have arrived
* Wear a hi-viz vest
* Do not obstruct the race or marshalls (we know you wouldn't!)

* Donate at least six of your best images royalty free to ....for publicity purposes*
* if video: Donate or upload a "Highlights" edit that can be embedded into web pages*

* these may be used on our site, our blog, social netwrorking, printed brochures, sent to media agencies, press releases and other publicity purposes, we will always send credit info with any of your images we send to 3rd parties.
*NOTE: This request shall not apply to photographers / cameramen genuinely engaged by a specific magazine / TV station or show / publication to specifically cover this event, however donation of images / video is welcomed.

I'm sure you are aware that the viability of such events relies on good publicity, so hope that you will support us on this issue.

Please contact me with further questions....hope to see you there!

Best regards

This mail came from the accountant. Still grumpy?

Seb Rogers

Free pics for the organisers from every photographer attending? Great idea. If you're an accountant. Yeah, that makes me grumpy ;)


But they did 'invite' me to attend which made me feel warm and fuzzy....

Seb Rogers

That was rather decent of them, wasn't it? In that case all is forgiven. You can bank that warm fuzzy glow and use it to pay the mortgage.

Oh, wait, hang on...


light blue touch paper and stand well back....

ah, normal service has resumed.

there are many events i cover where i'm expected to make a kickback to the organisers. the organisers always seem surprised at how little they will /do receive.

"six of your best images" is a subjective measure. ;)

Seb Rogers

It strikes me that, as a proportion of the cost of running an event, paying for the services of a dedicated event photographer is unlikely to make much of a dent. And the upside is that the organisers would get more - and better - images, and would be able to give the snapper a specific brief.

But the bean counters usually win, the perception is that a photo's a photo, and so twisting the arms of attending snappers becomes the norm. Bah humbug.

Still, as David points out, you get what you pay for ;)


Worth linking to again.

Seb Rogers

Thanks Andy. Still makes me laugh :)

Seb Rogers

And speaking of entertaining youtube clips... this is the rant to end all rants. Brilliant.




damn my work internet ....will look later.

i think many event organisers do not appreciate the work that goes into getting photos online.

some seem to think getting them online is merely a case of going home and uploading. if only it were that simple.

an event i cover pretty much every year has ~8hrs shooting for two photographers; then i spend two full days sorting the photos.

....and still the MTBers complain the photos are uninteresting.

i blame all those pro-MTB photographers for putting the idea into the mind of the average club rider that they too can ride like a pro!

Seb Rogers

What, you mean your pro SLR with big lens doesn't have a ProElbow (TM) mode? I thought that was the one next to the green square on the mode dial ;)



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