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October 27, 2010


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As a relative newcomer to the art I've been a bit spoilt with the D300 and now D700. A recent trip away with the OM-20 and a few rolls of HP5 soon reminded me of how amazing camera tech is today though. It's incredible what you can do like you say.

Seb Rogers

Yep. If you remember film and what that was like, watching camera forums fill with comments about how the new Niktax 3000 is too noisy at ISO25600 is, well, kinda funny. Truly, we've never had it so good, and the goalposts have never before moved so far, so fast.


off topic ....good to see more posts of your blog; some of us do read, and are interested in what you write!

Seb Rogers

Hi David,

Happy to oblige. It's fair to say it's not been a great year away from my work, but hopefully things have turned a corner and that means I have more time and energy to spend on projects like the blog :)



In response to your comment though, I've stopped reading forums about bikes, cameras or anything else these days. The only advice I listen to regarding cameras is Thom Hogan who is currently reminding people of the same point regarding the D7000 and also Digi Lloyd Neil. Both very informative. (and also your good self).

With the kit available today it's all about the technique obviously. Also liked that rant from Joe McNally the other day although can't find the link.

Seb Rogers

This one?


That's the one!


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