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October 21, 2010


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The shadows on the wheels are wrong/in different directions....and his left leg looks very unnatural for some reason??

Seb Rogers

Nothing wrong with his left leg. You're right about the shadows, though that wasn't what I was getting at. Have another look - you're halfway there :)

(I should perhaps add that the fettling is nothing to with me. Ahem).


camelbak waist strap, but no bag


something weird with his left hand?

Seb Rogers

Nope. And nope.

You're looking in the wrong place ;)


There's a sliver of the original background between rider's left arm and the bars. And the front brake hose has an invisible bit?

Seb Rogers

Close but no cigar on the first, and hadn't noticed the second.

OK, that's four mistakes and counting. But no-one's spotted the really obvious one yet ;)


i got the mag top/left; very rare for me, I usually just look at them in the supermarket.

the white bike on the cover is FAR TOO CLEAN!!!

never gonna happen in the UK.


Seb Rogers

I can assure you no Photoshop was used to make the bike any more pristine than it already was!

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