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September 02, 2009


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It was truly a great week! Besides the course (which was awesome) and the photos (which turned out great), the riding was amazing.
I'd love to be back next year!


As Linda said, it was a fantastic week.
The week flew by, and it was a major disappointment to return home.
If you run the course again next year pre-sign me up.


{snigger} I just noticed, all the photos you selected are "bum" shots. Which is quite impressive given how few bum shots I took.{/snigger}


Looks great!

Would love to be on the list for next year.


it was...
...the riding
...the scenery
...the company
...the location
...the food
...the improvement (in my photography if not my riding)


behind me, Linda and Niels. ;)


Yes awesome week! I think everyone left with a lot of inspiration, and I just can't wait for next year to see how everyone has progressed! ;-)


Looks a lot nicer than the soggy weekend I spent in the Quantocks :-(
Ah well maybe someday.

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