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April 19, 2009


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Maybe you should moan on the dedicated fatties on a plane thread on STW ;)
I am sure plenty will agree with you ;)

Hope the lense made it in one piece

Seb Rogers

Oh, don't get me started on the overweight passenger thing ;-)

Lens seems fine, so far...


Last time I flew I had to transfer a flash and a lens into another bag to get the carry-on to an "acceptable" weight. And yes, ten minutes later I'd added 24 AA batteries, three thick books and a kilo of water to it ;-)

I went on a helicopter flight a couple of years ago, and they actually weighed the passengers. Worked well for me - portly Austrian tourists in the back directly under the rotor, skinny bloke up front next to the pilot with a far better view...


As it happens Canon makes a vest that could hold a 400 2.8 but why would we sully ourselves?


I've flown with BA in the past specificaly as the weight limit is whatever you can manage to hoik into overhead rack on your own. I'm off to States in a few weeks and had to use BA as my camera bag weighs 18kg on a good day. Delta and Continental have a 15kg limit IIRC.
In fact I've found them cheaper to use than 'budget' airlines due to their more generous weight alowances and no added costs of your basics. Though having to go via thiefrow is of concern.

Though I did have to argue with jobsworthys at security as my bag was fractionally too big to fit in the size check, due to the handles. Being patient and pleasant made sure I got everything on board, as checking bag was not an option at that point.

Seb Rogers

I've been singularly unimpressed with BA on previous occasions - enough for me to put them on my 'carrier of last resort' list (dumping my bike bag on the tarmac hundreds of yards from the terminal building and expecting me to carry it myself was just one of the highlights).

But I may have to reconsider in light of carry-on weight restrictions.

In every other respect of their service Virgin still gets my vote...

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