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April 22, 2009


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Dave Greenidge

Seb are you going to get a chance to visit Moab on your trip? I've been enjoying your blog of your trip and I share your pain in traveling. I took my mountain bike to Europe last fall. It was expensive and fairly unnerving waiting to see if it was damaged by baggage handling - it came through unscathed but it was a hassle. From the picture it looks like your D300 is performing ok.

Seb Rogers

Hi Dave,

Sadly I won't have time to visit Moab on this trip (or, for that matter, any one of a dozen other places that are on my 'must re-visit' list). The way I look at it, that gives me an excuse to come back!

Funnily enough, after 15 years of flying with bikes and only one very minor incident of damage from baggage handling, I'm pretty relaxed about that side of things. With the camera gear I think it's partly the worry of not being able to do the job if anything is lost / stolen / damaged...


Do you not have any insurance so that if anything is broke then you can walk into the nearest camera store and hire gear for the job? Assuming you are not in the middle of the wilderness. Not very nice that your own gear is lost/stolen/damaged anyway, of course.

Seb Rogers

I'm insured to the hilt :) but as you point out, there's not much insurance can do to lessen the hassle and aggravation of dealing with that kind of situation.

The only solution I can see is for airlines to have sensible carry-on baggage restrictions. Last time I looked, for example, Easyjet had relaxed their rules to a standard size but no weight limit ('within reason'). Perfect for working snappers and brilliantly common sense.

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