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December 01, 2008


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One big issue hasn't even been mentioned yet: Look at the specs and you'll find there's no sensor cleaning system. Instead, you're offered to buy (!) additional Software from Nikon to interpolate away any dust specs that might be there. So basically they charge you extra bucks to compensate for what might be considerd a design flaw in these days.

For me, it's a total show stopper, and I wonder what drugs they've been on when launching this thing.

Seb Rogers

Fair enough. But in Nikon's defence I'd simply point out that sensor cleaning systems are - how shall I put this? - more hype than substance. I should know - I've got a D300. I still have to wet clean the sensor, and so will anyone who's fussy about their results - particularly on a high-res sensor.

When Nikon incorporated sensor cleaning on the D700, the resulting intrusion into the mirror box area meant taking a hit on viewfinder coverage. Most pros would, I think, prefer to have 100% coverage over sensor cleaning.

No, I don't think that's even close to being a show-stopper for most buyers (though your mileage clearly varies!). It's the price.

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