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November 04, 2008


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They look superb Seb. Shortly having the apartment decorated and the 'mountain' series would finish the place off nicely. If you've any spare when I'm next over in the UK I'll have one. Hope all is well.


Seb Rogers

Glad you like them :) When are you next over here?


too bad u cant ship overseas, I would love to have one hanging in my home.

Seb Rogers

Hey Craig,

I'd love to be able to ship them overseas, I really would. But I can't figure out a way to reliably keep the glass intact.

Sorry... :(


Assuming the credit crunch doesn't bit too hard in the Leigh household, then that's my Christmas present sorted.

All great. But I think it's got to be the mountain shots.


Good question Seb. I'm a photographer now so of course I don't really earn much money for travelling :-)

Possibly over at the end of January as I've a wedding to shoot up in Yorkshire.

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