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November 26, 2008


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Even more strangely it continues into your RSS feed which I thought wouldn't have cared about your stylesheet.

Seb Rogers

I had a quick look at the html to see if there was anything obvious. There's some extra font and spacing-related stuff in that post that doesn't appear in any of the others. If I had the time I suppose I could pull it all out so it looks the same... but I don't, really. So I won't :)

Which only begs the question, how did the extra code get in there in the first place? Weird.

Rumle Skafte

I have the same problem on my page, I realize that its different from browser to browser. I have had IE 7 till a week ago and rarely have a problem there, but some times when I check my page on other machines ther will apear different linespacing. its really strange.


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