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November 28, 2008


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Hey, show us a scan of the magazine!


Yes, scans please. Thanks!

Seb Rogers

Scans of the text are on their way. Will be up in the next 30 minutes or so.

Patience, people...



"...going to have to offer visible benefits over the Canon to persuade anyone to switch."

I can't believe that anyone working with this level of kit would even consider switching one way or the other, but presumably they do ;-)


You'll be in trouble...

Seb Rogers

@ MikeD: I hear plenty about disgruntled former Nikon users who've jumped, so it must happen. Pure speculation on my part, of course ;-)

@Lutz: more likely someone at Nikon Pro will be in trouble for mailing the mags out too early...


Hey Seb, does it mention anything about new lenses? Thanks.

Seb Rogers

Hi Tom,

Nothing to get excited about beyond the 50mm f/1.4 AFS...

Elja Trum

Looks like a great camera, thanks for sharing the info!


I've heard plenty about disgruntled former Canon users who've jumped too, so it goes both ways!

Nikon's presence in the sports world keeps growing.

Both great camera manufacturers, both capable of making art in the right hands......

Seb Rogers

Quite so. Getting upset about some aspect of the brand of camera you use has always seemed to me a spectacular waste of time and energy...

Rames II

Thanks for the scanning...
But do u have higher resolution pictures ?

Seb Rogers

The scans are downsized to preserve my bandwidth (currently running out at an alarming rate...). So sorry, no.

Interwebz Wanderer

Just FYI: your bandwidth is going to suck even more REALLY DAMN QUICKLY since you are about an hour away from the front page of Digg, ArsTechnica is crafting an article right now, you are already on the FRONT PAGE of Engadget, and word is Gizmodo is seeking a second copy of the magazine to verify....

Interwebz Wanderer

Oh, and get yourself some ads on this site; jump your bandwidth immediately though :P

Interwebz Wanderer

Why not take high res scans, put them over @, photobucket, or (if too big):

Then, post the link in the OP :)


.... you guys should prepare a single, static page and get ready to send users there instead of this page; that page should have a link to a mirror that "can take the heat" if you can't.

Scott Fillmer

great scans, always interesting how Nikon get new info out these days (i.e., doesn't seem like they control it very well for a big grand opening thing).

Seb Rogers

Thanks for the advice, guys.

I'm in over my head here, to be honest. I didn't intend to be amongst the first to break this news - it happened by accident. I don't have the time, know-how or resources to direct vast volumes of traffic in such a way that this site won't crash.

I'm a full-time pro photographer; this is my blog; I was amongst the first to break the D3X story more or less by accident (as a friend commented to me this morning, 'you got the hits because you could be bothered')... d'you see where I'm going with this?

The extra traffic is welcome, until the point at which it becomes a burden for me to deal with.

The story's out there and there are other sites better equipped to handle the volume. If that's what it takes, I'm happy for them to take the strain...


Put a note in your main article to NOT LINK THE STORY directly.

Also, when the "digg effect" hits, you will get ~ 30,000 - 100,000 hits an hour for ~ 8 hours. Might break a million readers today alone.


Email high quality scans to [email protected] & I will host them for you.


Oh, and in regards to "Mirror" about the Digg effect: he's right, you know.... sometimes more than that (I have seen 2mil+ hits in a day before)


Why not host the scans at imageshack if you need to care for the traffic? Now that the cat has been let out of the bag, they won't get the files removed from the internet anymore.


Wow! All very exciting.

Hope your server holds up under the load Seb.

Seb Rogers

Thanks for sorting that out, Lutz. Links up at the top of the page now.

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