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August 07, 2008


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Well seb I would recommend you wait a tiny winy bit and the looks toward GNU software.

Most of them can be download as source code so compiled directly onto your mac.
Ohter solution would be dual boot and having mac/linux, or just linux if you ask me.

Seb Rogers

Thanks Juan. I'm sure there'll be workarounds, although that's not really the point. I don't want to have to use dual boot or even buy new software, and I'm struggling to see the point of this new move.

(It's worth pointing out that each previous RAW-enabled Nikon camera has its own proprietary NEF format, but these have always been supported on both Mac and Windoze platforms. The new format seems like a deliberate move to lock users into Nikon's own software - and PC only, at that. Why?)


Have Nikon said Adobe and Apple won't get access to the format this time around? Their RAW drivers tend to lag behind the latest cameras a little bit. Adobe in particular support several RAW-capable Coolpix models already.

Seb Rogers

Nikon hasn't said that that won't happen, as far as I'm aware. However, this isn't just another variation on the NEF format - it's an entirely new RAW variant dubbed 'NRW'. This is what Nikon says about it on their UK site:

'RAW format images can be opened and edited in Nikon’s View NX software (Windows version only), or in any other application that supports the WIC (Microsoft's Windows Image Component) codec.'

There are various ways to interpret this:

1. The first version of View NX to support NRW will be Windows only and a Mac version will follow (but if this is the case, why isn't Nikon more explicit about this?)

2. NRW is designed specifically with the WIC codec in mind and this will make it incompatible with any Mac-native app (I'm not tech-savvy enough to know whether this is a possibility, but if it is, it's an unbelievably dumb move)

3. Current information about the NRW format is badly worded, incomplete, or both... and there's nothing to worry about.

If Nikon is indeed introducing a RAW format that will only work on the Windows platform, it sends all the wrong signals. What about future camera releases? What about Mac owners who might want the P6000?

More information is certainly needed. Even if it's all a big misunderstanding, forum chatter elsewhere suggests that Nikon may have already alienated a good number of potential P6000 buyers. In a highly competitive market (and Nikon's not particularly strong in the compact segment as it is, in contrast to their dSLR position at the moment), that's definitely a Bad Thing.


Given that they've basically taken a big shortcut by using WIC, it's hard to see them then being willing to put in the extra effort to sort it out for the Mac. Sounds to me like they've gone, "Consumer camera, hence Windows".

That said, it's just numbers - someone, somewhere will get it working within about a week, I expect :-)

Seb Rogers

I've read another interesting view, which is that Nikon was on board when Microsoft launched WIC and that this is just their way of honouring their commitment. In other words, Nikon see the P6000 as essentially a jpeg camera with added WIC functionality, rather than as a camera that supports RAW.

Even if that's true, of course, it's an odd decision that risks alienating a large number of potential buyers. The compact digi market is about to get VERY interesting (and not just because of this camera)... ;-P


Hi seb no need for a dual boot.
If you're a fierce mac user you can

Either use wmware.
Or of a small PC box in a corner with Linux and ssh into it from your mac.

Works very well.

But as an anti windoze I do understand your frustration...

35mm films anyone ;-)


[i]Or of a small PC box in a corner with Linux and ssh into it from your mac.[/i]

Since the requirement is for Windows, that won't work ;-)

Seb Rogers

A _much_ more compelling reason for me to have some kind of functioning Windoze environment would be the ability to run various mapping software apps and sync with a GPS. But just to decode RAW files from one camera? No, thanks.

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