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January 11, 2007


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Hi seb

The more I read your blog the more I think you would enjoy riding in nice with me and "me" mates.

We have the same problem down there. Nice backcountry is packed with mountains which is great. So it's only mountain biking pure trail riding. One of the highest, nicest place is called 'le parc du mercantour'. It's a national park, and obvisouly it's forbiden to ride down here. We use to ride in some of the trail several time for various reason. But still risk a 145€ fine each time.

Same answer at your question.
No we don't realy destroy the track, actually some of the track we ride are ridable (and walkable) only because of us to ride them to maintain them and other are so hard that the number of guys able to enjoy them is really low. And I guess 5 guys on a mountain bike don't destroy more than 25 granpa or grandma with walking stick with (the expensive one indeed we are in NICE the one with a Tungsten star at the bottom). Then most of the guard in this park are MTBers, and client at the my local bike shop, and they obviously tresspass load and load and tend to be really cool with us. The usuall route we do, goes all the way up on a 4WD track, and the bit that don't is a 1h00 long bike carriage (so we're not riding we are walking) can hardly say that we are destroying anything but still to the 25 granny we still are devil so we should be ban.

Then it's dangerous... Erm Erm well most of us spend every free time on the mountain, doing climbing skiing, moutain and skiering, snow shoesing (quite not sure about the last one) etc etc. The lbs have a partership with the moutain gear shop next street etc etc. So we are well aware of the risks, and do ot try foulish things then it's as dangerous as walking or driving down town (erm maybe not this one driving down town is way more dangerous)
I could go on a lot of things like that, but to resume, in france the CAF is a really powerfull organisation that manages almost everything related to the moutain. And they are for sure old untolerante people that don't want guys going down (and up as well) on bikes where they ride.


I'd love to see more of this kind of picture of you so listen to no one and ride ;)


well, despite the pro's and con's.. it produced an amazing photo, so was definitely worth it in my opinion :)

Seb Rogers

Juan, your trails sound fantastic. I think the difference here is that not only did we have the temerity to ride where we weren't supposed to be, but we actually publicised the fact. Didn't go down too well in some circles.

Having said that, I know for a fact that there are National Park wardens in the Lake District who ride footpaths when they know no-one's looking...


Well you are more than welcome to meet me down there during my next holidays and have a go It woudl be all my pleasure :d

All the best

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