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November 28, 2008


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Jon Read

More scans and a full article text here:



As a Nikon shooter for 25 years who jumped to Canon for digital in '04 due to Nikon's disappointing 'tardiness', it's good to finally see Nikon at the full-frame table.
They'll make up for undercutting Canon's MkIII pricing by having doubled the price of their new tilt-shifts over Canon's three T/S offerings.
And because Canon's wide-angle lenses all pretty much suck (and I still own all my beautiful old Nikon glass), 'jumping' back to Nikon is not far-fetched when the useful life of these $8k DSLRs is only about 2 yrs these days before their practical obsolescence.

SP Amalot

Approx £5500.00 according to this

David Kilpatrick

I am not attending the press launch on Monday but as a magazine publisher, I have the artwork for the D3X ads here already. This means I know the price, but I'm under a strict embargo not to reveal it. Although we have had info on the D3X's likely launch timing on photoclubalpha (due to the connection with the Sony Alpha 900) since the summer, Nikon has been very tight about it (but my son purchased a D3 from them, as a photo mag journalist, and he wasn't even told there would be a D700 two weeks after he forked out!). I am surprised the Pro mag escaped. Maybe they assumed that Pressstream 2 always rakes 2-3 days as stated. I know it doesn't, it can take from 1-7 days... there is no guarantee that the standard magazine mailing contract will NOT deliver the copies next day.


Enjoy the SONY A900 sensor!

Seb Rogers

Thanks, David. I've seen it suggested that the arrival of Nikon Pro today was a deliberate ploy, but I'm inclined to agree that it's more likely the delivery time was overestimated.

As for price, I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest that £5500 is a guesstimate based on little more than the 1DSIII's street price. I think Nikon would struggle to justify a £2k+ differential over the D3, particularly since the new model's sensor seems likely to be a variant of the much cheaper Sony.

Nope, my money's on £4000 still. Nikon didn't wait this long with a high-res full frame model to not shake up the market a little...


Way to go SEB ROGERS! Thanks a million!!! you deserved a credit for this...


The real thing should be the 16 bits. If it's real I'd be more than happy.

Matthew Saville

"Quite so. Getting upset about some aspect of the brand of camera you use has always seemed to me a spectacular waste of time and energy..."

I tend to agree, but when it comes to harping on Nikon in an effort to see them change just a couple things, namely the STUPID grip rubber that they've used un-successfully for YEARS now, I feel that no amount of energy spent getting up set and making a scene is wasted...


Jason Heller

Underwater photographers have been waiting for this for a while as well. Why didn't I getthe Nikon Pro mag on my door step this mornig ;)

We just put up a post, and thanks for the scoop Seb!

Jason Heller

Grad Blogger

Any new lenses w/ this new body release?

Denie S.

wow.. never expected that it will launch so soon
if possible.. can u post the high-res scans of the article?


I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more full-frame sensor Nikon cameras come into the market. All my prime lenses that are not meant for the DX format will not get their day in the sun. Thanks for breaking the story. Traffic is going to be nuts. Good luck!

Jon Brooke

Just got here via Strobist Seb - fame at last!


I am very much surprised that Nikon's site is not even mentioning D3X anywhere. I hope they will put up all the information on 1st December.

And according to Engadget they did display the cam for some time and then removed it. What's the deal ?

Bob Bowen

Not quite Seb. Think I beat you by a couple of hours on

Seb Rogers

I stand corrected, Bob!

Kevin Weinstein

At this stage of digital photography, a few more megapixel and a tad higher ISO range is not going to convince me to switch back to Nikon. Ditching an entire system costs a crap load of money.

I know. I went from Nikon to Canon 4 years ago.

One MAJOR thing Canon still has, that Nikon does not even come close to, are the lenses.

Show me a 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4, 24mm 1.4, to name a few.

Digital photography is pretty solid all around right now. While there is room for a lot of improvement, Nikon does not have lenses that I could justify switching back to.


UK price appears to be £5500 - bottom of page here!&Cat_Code=

Aleksandar Dunkic

Nikon D3X sample photos:


Too many MPix. Totally useless resolution that only is disadvantageous. More than 12 MPix sucks! No way.

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I was hoping for pictures. Though the camera is very nice

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