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November 28, 2008


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Did Nikon ask you to remove the two scanned pages then?

Seb Rogers

No. I watched my blog stats spike, then go through the ceiling, then keep going. And realised I had to do something about it...

Links to the scans are still there, but they're now hosted elsewhere.


Congrats, I bet you pick up a more than a few new bookmarks :)


wow! dr000l :-) congrats NIKON! I love nikon :-x


Just noticed you're front page on too now... As someone pointed out, maybe you should hit up Google ads, at least for a little while?

Seb Rogers

Thanks, Chris, Yep, it's in hand. Though I suspect most of the traffic I've had over the past few days will just go away, maybe there are a few people who've added an RSS feed or bookmark... ;-)

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